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Know your mentor

What Does Mentoring Mean To You?

Meet Meieli and Kayla who have been matched since 2019. This image is the two of them on an outing enjoying Fireman Derrick's pies and exhibiting one of our Skillset’s’ Relationship building and Friendship. Here is what they each had to say about what mentoring means to them:

From Meieli:

“Mentoring means giving selflessly, without expectation. The connection you have with your mentee is special, unique, and precious. My experience as a mentor has been an evolving one. Over time, I have learned that a positive mentoring experience is cumulative, made up of little things that create something much bigger. It's not just mentors who make a difference -- our mentees shape us, too. I am thankful for the opportunity to be welcomed into someone's life, and I believe that the friendships we forge through this experience should be cherished.”

From Kayla:

“Mentoring brings out the best in a person and helps you overcome the worst.”

Interested in Mentoring? Contact Ms. Miriam, at to complete a mentoring application.

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