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It Takes A Village

Volunteer Opportunities in Miami

Volunteer. Change a life.

Girl Power is a non profit organization in Miami with community service opportunities for people who want to help build confidence in girls.

When you become a Girl Power volunteer, you join a group of people dedicated to empowering girls in Miami and beyond. 

Become a Girl Power volunteer and join our mission to "Improve our World, One Girl at a Time."


Mentoring is a structured, consistent and purposeful relationship between a young person and a caring adult who provides acceptance, support, encouragement, guidance, and concrete assistance to promote healthy youth development and student success. Join the Sister Circle Mentoring Program and learn how you can touch the life of a young girl in our community.


Our mentoring program provides young girls with support, counseling, friendship, and love. We pair mentees with wonderful female role models who engage in activities with them that not only facilitate the development of a positive self-image, but support their family unit as well.

Girl Power is… Improving our world one girl at a time. So, if you would like to be that one mentor who encourages that one girl – please, join our efforts.


Here’s what we’re looking for in a mentor:

  • Females, ages 21 to 65

  • Great listeners

  • Must have at least 4 hours a month to spend with a mentee

  • Must make a minimum of a yearlong commitment to the program


For more information or to become a Girl Power mentor, call (305) 756-5502.  Or, Contact Us to send a quick note stating you're interested.


The Sister Circle Mentoring program provides opportunities for girls and their families to become empowered by developing healthy and nourishing relationships with a positive female mentor. Girls spend a minimum of four hours per month with a mentor who will provide her with additional support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example.


The Sister Circle Mentoring Program envisions a community in which every young girl experiences nurturing one-to-one relationships and community support; which in turn allows each of them to develop into their full potential, capable of making informed and responsible decisions as involved members of their community.


The Goal is to provide one-to-one mentors to students to address issues such as:

  1. Attendance

  2. Academic Performance

  3. Homework Completion

  4. Positive Behavior

  5. Positive Attitude towards school/learning

  6. Involvement in asset building activities

  7. Conflict management/ Problem-Solving Skills


We would love the opportunity to learn more about you and how we can work together to improve our world one girl at a time!

Thanks! Message sent.

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