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Mama Hattie's House

A Place to Call Home

Mama Hattie’s House Social, Educational & Recreational Complex (MHH) will be a residence offering a 24-hour safe and stable sanctuary for young women who need a place to call Home. MHH will provide a home – along with appropriate supportive services and live-in staffing -- to young women (18+) aging out of foster care and to girls (11-17) who are at risk of trafficking and abuse.

Mama Hattie’s House will also serve as a permanent home for Girl Power’s existing programs and services, with new resources such as a S.T.E.A.M. (tech + arts) center of excellence, music and choral lab space, fitness and private counseling spaces, vibrant classrooms, organic and hydroponic gardens and shared spaces.


Finally, Mama Hattie’s House will be a community resource offering services to the neighbors as well as the residents in revenue-generating retail and community spaces where neighbors can connect and engage to help build community resilience.

Mama Hattie's Story

Many years ago, my grandmother, Hattie Skinner Bacon (Mama Hattie), instilled in me and my nine siblings a desire to help those in need wherever and whenever we can. When Mama Hattie passed away at the age of 89, I realized that she served as a Guardian Angel for many people in our small rural town of Sparta, Georgia. 


During her lifetime, as far back as I can remember, she opened her small home to family, friends and strangers in need. Some came for the food and fellowship. Some came because they had nowhere else to go. And some came to escape homelessness or abuse. 


Most of all, Mama Hattie’s house was a safe haven for girls seeking love, acceptance, and nurturing. 


The Girl Power organization was founded on the same principles that Mama Hattie instilled in me, and now her legacy will live on through the guiding philosophy of the Mama Hattie’s House facility. 


Thema Campbell 

Founder & CEO 

Girl Power

Why does Miami need
Mama Hattie’s House?
  • One out of five girls (20%) who age out of foster care will immediately become unhoused.

    • Supporting women during this pivotal transition point changes their life outcomes.

  • Florida ranks 3rd in the US for sex trafficking; 70% + of those victims are in Miami-Dade.

    • Foster youth are over-represented among sex trafficking victims; 60% of victims had some involvement in the foster care system.

  • MHH will be geared directly toward serving both of these groups of young women.

    • Developing evidence-based programs in collaboration with FIU / CCHI.

    • Providing academic, career/entrepreneur and personal development opportunities

The Facility

Preliminary designs envision Mama Hattie’s House as a five story, 45,000 square foot facility, located in the heart of Miami’s Overtown community, and slated to begin construction in 2025. The complex will be situated on a 30,000 square foot parcel of land conveyed by Miami-Dade County in a long-term lease.

Mama Hattie’s House will be surrounded by environmentally friendly landscaping and rooftop gardens that will provide an oasis for residents. Solar powered energy and robust design will establish a sustainable space that can weather future storms and power outages.​


Secure and welcoming public-facing spaces will build community and provide needed services.

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Progress & Highlights

We have made great progress toward our $20+ M goal, with these commitments

$5 M from the SEOPW CRA, and authorization for architectural services

$250 K from Allegany Franciscan Ministries

$485 K from Miami-Dade County bond program (‘Building Better Communities’)

~ $4M New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) application in process

$2 M
Grant from

Miami-Dade County

Girl Power needs your support to build Mama Hattie's House

Join us in this project to design & build A Place to Call Home for our community’s at-promise girls and young women



Invite your friends & family to join us to build MHH

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