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Mama Hattie's House

$20 Million Capital Campaign

Girl Power is more than just a mentoring and after school program for at-promise girls. Through the work that we’ve done over the past 20 years, Girl Power has become a safe haven and the leading agency for girls’ empowerment.


We’re excited about our new mission to expand our work and raise $20 million to build Mama Hattie’s House, Social, Educational and Residential Complex. Mama Hattie’s House, also known as a place to call home, will serve girls transitioning from traumatic experiences, including young women aging out of foster care or who are wards of the court; girls reclaiming their lives from human trafficking and other forms of abuse; and girls transitioning from homelessness or exiting incarceration.


Mama Hattie’s house will also serve as a permanent home for Girl Power’s existing programs and services and a community oasis where residents can connect and engage to help build community resilience.

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Mama Hattie's Story

Many years ago, my grandmother, Hattie Skinner Bacon (Mama Hattie), instilled in me and my nine siblings a desire to help those in need wherever and whenever we can. When Mama Hattie passed away at the age of 89, I realized that she served as a Guardian Angel for many people in our small rural town of Sparta, Georgia. 


During her lifetime, as far back as I can remember, she opened her small home to family, friends and strangers in need. Some came for the food and fellowship. Some came because they had nowhere else to go. And some came to escape homelessness or abuse. 


Most of all, Mama Hattie’s house was a safe haven for girls seeking love, acceptance, and nurturing. 


The Girl Power organization was founded on the same principles that Mama Hattie instilled in me, and now her legacy will live on through the guiding philosophy of the Mama Hattie’s House facility. 


Thema Campbell 

Founder & CEO 

Girl Power

Progress & Highlights

$5.5 million secured

As of July 2020, Girl Power has secured $5.5 million toward the

investment needed to complete Mama Hattie’s House.

Land Secured

Miami-Dade County has conveyed land in Overtown thanks to County Commission 

Chairwoman Audrey Edmonson.

Bond Funding

Miami-Dade County has committed $485,000 through the Building Better  Communities Bond Program.

Our Partners

Southeast Overtown Park West (SEOPW) CRA has committed $5 million or more along with architectural design services.

The Facility

Preliminary designs envision Mama Hattie’s House as a five story, 34,000 square foot facility, located in the heart of Miami’s

Overtown community, and slated for construction by the year 2023. The complex will be situated on a 30,000 square foot parcel of land conveyed by Miami-Dade County.

Mama Hattie’s House will be surrounded by environmentally friendly landscaping that provides girls an oasis, along with

solar-powered energy and a rooftop garden. The built product will house three centers of activity: a residential

home-away-from-home for girls; a permanent home for Girl Power’s programs, vital services, staff and offices; and space to

house local businesses and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

A Place To Call Home

Mama Hattie’s House will offer a residence for girls aging out of foster care, exiting detention, or transiting from homelessness, abuse and neglect.

Programs under the same roof will provide physical, emotional, social, academic and career support with an emphasis on preparing young women to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Girls will also have access to on-call medical and mental health services, and a host of on-site support services.


The facility will also house:


  • Residential co-living style space with single and double bedrooms with private bathrooms for girls

  • House parent quarters with full amenities

  • Common area spaces for dining, studying, social gatherings, music, and artistic explorations

  • A commercial kitchen space providing healthy meals and snacks daily, and where girls can learn to prepare

Girl Power Program Spaces & Offices

Since 2000, Girl Power has supported nearly 6,000 at promise girls to reach their fullest potential. Mama Hattie’s House will serve as “home base” for the organization.


The premises will house:

  • Girl Power program space including classrooms, a large multi-purpose room, fitness rooms, a music room, private  counseling rooms and a reception area

  • Administrative offices, meeting and conference spaces

On-site Services

  • Experienced and professional psychological and medical evaluation

  • Personal goal setting

  • Educational assessment, tutoring and academic enrichment

  • Home, family and life management skills

  • Individual, group and family counseling

  • Financial capacity-building

  • Career skills training and development

  • Family unification and strengthening

  • Sex education

  • Substance abuse recovery referrals as needed


We could not have gotten this far on our own without the support and generosity of our funders, supporters, and community members. And we also cannot get to this next phase and build Mama Hattie’s House on our own.


The work that we do is desperately needed in this community. Help Girl Power do greater work by contributing to the Mama Hattie’s House capital campaign. 

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