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The Girls' Choir of Miami 

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The mission of the Girls' Choir of Miami (GCOM) is to provide opportunities for girls 7 to 17 years old from all walks of life to participate in a year-long quality music education program, created with the unique needs of the girls in mind.

Choir members participate in leadership and mentorship activities designed to build self-esteem, promote academic advancement and promote cultural understanding. We welcome beginning to advanced singers. 


Although the chorus is an enjoyable social experience for its members, it maintains a serious approach with regard to its musical standards and expectations of commitment,  including academic performance, work at home and attendance at rehearsals. 

GCOM aspires to develop a lifelong appreciation of music in choir members, expose them to challenging, multicultural, multi-part choral music, build confidence and produce high-quality recordings and live performances for local, national, and international communities that showcase cultural diversity and engage audiences in the beauty of choral artistry. 


The Girls' Choir of Miami has been entertaining audiences throughout Miami-Dade County for the past eight years and is the featured attraction each year during Girl Power's Brunch Explosion. Through music we inspire, uplift and create beautiful music for our audiences while “Improving Our World, One Girl at a Time!

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Interested in joining the Girls' Choir? 

Contact us at or fill out our contact form!

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