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Girls Rock After School Program

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Empowering Girls Through After School Education

Girl Power’s After School Programs provide a safe space for at-promise girls to connect with one another, get academic support, and learn how to make healthy choices.


Our skilled Program Instructors use evidence-based curriculums to deliver high-quality programs to help empower young girls to achieve their full potential. 

After School Programs Offerings

  • Academic Support: Promote positive attitudes toward academic success, attendance, and behavior/conduct at school

  • Social-Emotional Learning: Support self confidence, self awareness, and leadership skills

  • Fitness, Health & Wellness: Increase awareness of health, fitness, diet, and self care practices

  • Encourage and empower girls to get excited about STEAM and career preparedness

Academic Support

When girls are empowered to achieve academically, they are given access to opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise.


Girls who participate in the After School Program receive academic support twice a week. Through tutoring, homework help, and project-based learning, girls get the support they need to improve their Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance (ABC's).


Participants in the Girls Intervention Program receive tutoring twice a week from Certified Teachers through a partnership with the Project EASE Program from the Overtown Children and Youth Coalition


As an extension to our academic support component, program participants are invited to attend our annual College and Heritage Tour. Participants get to experience a new city, go on college and historical tours and for some girls, its the first time they are exposed to travelling outside of Miami.


Past College and Heritage Tours include New York City, Washington, DC., Atlanta, GA. and Daytona, FL. The girls participate in fundraising activities throughout the school year to pay for their trips. Please visit our donation page to make a contribution for the Annual College and Heritage Tour. 


During the summer, to continue educational support for at-promise girls we provide the Summer STEAM Workforce Training Camp. Girls participate in a six-week STEAM focused camp, where they learn about careers in the field, participate in math and science labs, attend weekly field trips and most of all have FUN!

Social-Emotional Learning

Girl Power programs focus on empowering girls in every aspect of their lives: school, home life, relationships and emotional well-being. Through the use of evidence-based curriculums, our After School Program Instructors help girls to develop healthy habits, make positive decisions, and develop a strong sense of self. Below are some of the evidence-based curriculums that we use to facilitate Social Emotional Learning skills.  

Girls Circle

The Girls Circle model from the One Circle Foundation is an emotional development program designed to increase positive connection, personal and collective strengths, and competence in teenage girls. We apply the principles from this program to provide a safe and nurturing environment where girls can develop interpersonal and leadership skills. 

Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) 

Decisions that girls make in their teen years can have a long-lasting impact on their lives. The Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) is a youth development program focused on helping teens better navigate challenges and make positive choices that will set them on the path to success. Focus areas in TOP® include life and leadership skills, educational success, and healthy behaviors and relationships. 

Too Good for Drugs and Violence

Lessons from the Too Good for Drugs & Violence curriculum foster analysis and discussion of the long-term consequences of drug use, how social media impacts decision-making and how to refuse negative peer influence.

Field Trips and Service Learning Projects

Girls are taken on field trips throughout Miami, exposing them to new and culturally significant sites. Past field trips include Perez Art Museum and Miami Africa Umoja Theater Performance, Apple Store experiences, Vizcaya Museum, MLK Day of Service, and the Kennedy Space Center.

During the school year, girls from the After School Program attend the MLK Day of Service at Brownsville Middle School. They participate in a beautification of the school where they paint hallways, clean up trash from the field and work on the landscape of the school. We prioritize teaching the girls about the importance of conserving and giving back to their communities. 

Fitness, Health and Wellness 

Girls in the After School Program are equipped with the tools to make healthier choices when it comes to diet, nutrition and exercise. They participate in Health and Wellness sessions at least twice a week and learn about the importance of staying active both mentally and physically.


Program Instructors guide girls through physical education activities from the SPARK curriculum, promoting physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork.


Other health and wellness activities include yoga, mindfulness, cooking classes, relationship building, self care and more.

School Partners and Sites

On-site After School Partners

  • Georgia Jones Ayers Middle School 

  • Brownsville Middle School

  • Richmond Heights Middle School

  • Olinda Elementary

  • Parkway Success Center

Girls Intervention Program Referring School Partners

  • Robert Morgan Educational Center

  • Miami Jackson Senior High School

  • Miami Northwestern Senior High

  • Miami Edison Senior High School

  • B. Wright Leadership Academy

  • Booker T. Washington Senior High School

  • Cutler Bay Middle School

  • Southridge Senior High School

  • iTech Magnet School

  • PACE Center for Girls

After School Curriculum Partners

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