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Board Spotlight

Ms. Rolinda McCarthy

Over the past 8 years, Girl Power has been fortunate to have Ms. Rolinda McCarthy serve as Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Ms. Rolinda has assisted the organization with maintaining good fiscal health and keeping the organization ahead of the game when it comes to non-profit fiscal management.

As founder of TNR Accounting Consulting Services, Inc., Ms. Rolinda’s goal was to create internal power and increase the capacity of organizations of color to become effective advocates, leaders, and catalysts for change in their communities. She has dedicated years of service to organizations like The Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center, Inc., LISTEN, Inc., The Brookings Institution, The Sonny Foundation, D.M.S. Aircraft Services, Pinnacle Defense Systems, South Florida Mindful Center, and The Urban League.

Ms. Rolinda earned a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Organizational Development, and Psychology and a Master's of Developmental Psychology, and will complete her Doctorate in Psychology in the Fall of 2022. Her passion for learning has always been her guiding compass. As she continues to think about the next stage of her career evolution, Ms. Rolinda has decided to pursue a career as a Psychoneurological Therapist to assist with bridging the gap of accessibility and support around mental health within her community.

Girl Power is so grateful to have leaders of this magnitude contributing and assisting us with our mission of “Improving our World, One Girl at a Time!”

Ms. Rolinda, You Rock!

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