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July 2021 PowerSource Newsletter

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

In this issue:

  • President's Message

  • Donor Spotlight

  • Mentoring Corner

  • Student Spotlight

  • Program Corner

President's Message

A Tribute to My Friend

Carolyn “Kiani” Nesbitt

Gone But Never Forgotten

Mother. Grandmother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Leader. Fighter. Lover. Artist. Teacher. Follower. Guardian. CEO. Elder. Ancestor.

You broke the rules and pushed boundaries for those you loved, cherished, and served. You will never be forgotten because of the unforgettable memories we shared. You always gave more of yourself than you ever received. Just like the rest of us, you were not perfect. I choose to remember only those things that were perfectly beautiful and wonderful about you.

Your belief and faith in God/Yahweh guided you to create programs and services that changed the lives of thousands of children and families in the communities you served. Your earthly body died on May 28th, 2021, but you will live on forever as long as we speak your name and keep you alive in our hearts. “Kiani”, your work here is done. So long my friend. Rest in Peace. See you on the other side.

Thema Campbell


Donor Spotlight

Ms. Lona

Ms. Lona

This month we would like to pay tribute to a "Legacy Donor". For years, many of you may have made or received a phone call from Girl Power and were greeted on the other end by Ms. Lona Fountain. Ms. Lona crossed paths with Girl Power as a volunteer through a community partnership with AARP. For several years, Ms. Lona volunteered her time to our agency as a receptionist. Although Ms. Lona was placed at our agency to answer phones, she answered the call of duty in so many other ways. Ms. Lona always had words of wisdom, jokes to share, an infectious smile, and was dedicated to assisting us with any and every fundraising effort in any capacity that she could. Although Ms. Lona officially retired; she continued her efforts with assisting Girl Power.

Unfortunately, this month, Ms. Lona succumbed to COVID-19 and is no longer with us here in the flesh. However, we know that her spirit will continue to live on. Her children have also continued her legacy by continuing fundraising efforts on behalf of Ms. Lona. Ms. Lona was a lady of class and elegance that loved to cook, party, and visit her homeland of Nassau, Bahamas. She even published a book title, "Once Upon Our Time – Words of Wisdom." Here is to a full life lived of love, charity, and having a good time.

Ms. Lona, You Rock!!!

Mentoring Corner

Are you ready to change the world?

Hey Girl, Heyyy! I am Ms. Miriam, your new Sister Circle Mentoring Coordinator. I have been a staff member at Girl Power Rocks since 2019, and I am so excited to embark on this new role with the organization. As a hardworking, God-fearing, dessert-loving, detail orientated Miami Native, I have big plans to make the Sister Circle Mentoring Program even greater and I am actively seeking great Mentors to join me.

If you’re ready to change the world, one girl, at a time, please email me at

Student Spotlight

First-time honor roll student "Daijah"

This month we continue honoring our Girl Power participants through a special series we began by recognizing girls that will be graduating from our program at the end of this school year.

Daijah has been a part of Girl Power since her 7th-grade year. This year she became a first-time honor roll student and has been selected to attend Robert Morgan Educational Center for Nursing. I could not be more prouder of her. Maturity and diligence have prepared her to excel and I foresee great things for her in the future. We will truly miss her.

We are proud of her accomplishments and cannot wait to see all the things she will do.

Daijah, You rock!!!

Program Corner

What a Year!!!

This past year has been challenging for all. From the social distancing measures due to COVID-19 to thousands struggling because of unemployment, it has been life-changing. I battled with anxiety and stress during these times but have been extremely fortunate to be able to work with Girl Power. Girl Power has helped me through these difficult times. It has been exciting serving these wonderful girls even though it has been remote. As a program instructor, it has been fulfilling being able to help our girls during these tough times.

Girl Power’s after-school programming has been such a success. We have provided our girls with a safe space, time to reflect, and lots of learning experiences. We have engaged our girls in virtual zoom sessions through different curriculum, ICA art sessions, special guest speakers, and even holiday events. We had our virtual holiday party where we decorated ornaments, made hot chocolate, and wrote Christmas letters to those close to us. We also had our Black History Month event where our girls wrote their own “I have a dream” speech. As facilitators, we have tried to keep our programs as normal as possible.

Two highlights during this virtual year were the opportunity to take the girls on field trips. Our first trip was to the Selfie Museum followed by lunch/dessert at G.L.O.W Cafe. The girls had an amazing time and took lots of cool selfie pictures. With the school year coming to an end, we wanted to take our girls on another trip. We had our end-of-year celebration at Berry Farms. The girls picked sunflowers, took pictures around the farm, had lunch with their friends, and rode on hayrides. We had such an amazing time! I am proud to represent Girl Power and the work we do. Seeing our students grow and pursuing their goals is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world!

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