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August 2021 PowerSource Newsletter

In this issue:

  • President's Message

  • Donor Spotlight

  • Board Spotlight

  • Mentoring Corner

  • Program Corner

President's Message

Girl Power is a leading advocate for the social, mental, and physical health and wellness of girls of color around the globe. We've come together this month to celebrate the power of being a girl and acknowledge the advances we have made in keeping girls safe, nurtured, and protected. Please join us in our ongoing fight for gender equity and equality and seeing our future through the eyes of a girl.

Thema Campbell


Donor Spotlight

By: Rashada Campbell, Director of Operations

Our donor this month is not only dedicated to making people feel and look their best when hitting the water, they are also committed to improving the lives of young girls throughout Dade County. South Florida native, Ali G., is the owner of Montce Swim located in Miami’s Design District.

Since 2009, this designer has credited her success to her simple formula of style and substance combined with an obsessive focus on fit. With her brother Devin by her side, the sibling duo owns and operates three locations, including Ft. Lauderdale, Miami’s Design District, and Hermosa Beach, which has been featured in Vogue Magazine and is sold worldwide. We send a big thank you to Ali G., Devin, and the 40+ team members at Montce Swim for choosing Girl Power as their charity of Choice!

Ali G., You Rock!

Board Spotlight

Ms. Rolinda McCarthy

Over the past 8 years, Girl Power has been fortunate to have Ms. Rolinda McCarthy serve as Treasurer of the Board of Directors. Ms. Rolinda has assisted the organization with maintaining good fiscal health and keeping the organization ahead of the game when it comes to non-profit fiscal management.

As founder of TNR Accounting Consulting Services, Inc., Ms. Rolinda’s goal was to create internal power and increase the capacity of organizations of color to become effective advocates, leaders, and catalysts for change in their communities. She has dedicated years of service to organizations like The Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center, Inc., LISTEN, Inc., The Brookings Institution, The Sonny Foundation, D.M.S. Aircraft Services, Pinnacle Defense Systems, South Florida Mindful Center, and The Urban League.

Ms. Rolinda earned a Bachelor's degree in Finance, Organizational Development, and Psychology and a Master's of Developmental Psychology, and will complete her Doctorate in Psychology in the Fall of 2022. Her passion for learning has always been her guiding compass. As she continues to think about the next stage of her career evolution, Ms. Rolinda has decided to pursue a career as a Psychoneurological Therapist to assist with bridging the gap of accessibility and support around mental health within her community.

Girl Power is so grateful to have leaders of this magnitude contributing and assisting us with our mission of “Improving our World, One Girl at a Time!”

Ms. Rolinda, You Rock!

Mentoring Corner

What Does Mentoring Mean To You?

Meet Meieli and Kayla who have been matched since 2019. This image is the two of them on an outing enjoying Fireman Derrick's pies and exhibiting one of our Skillset’s’ Relationship building and Friendship. Here is what they each had to say about what mentoring means to them:

From Meieli:

“Mentoring means giving selflessly, without expectation. The connection you have with your mentee is special, unique, and precious. My experience as a mentor has been an evolving one. Over time, I have learned that a positive mentoring experience is cumulative, made up of little things that create something much bigger. It's not just mentors who make a difference -- our mentees shape us, too. I am thankful for the opportunity to be welcomed into someone's life, and I believe that the friendships we forge through this experience should be cherished.”

From Kayla:

“Mentoring brings out the best in a person and helps you overcome the worst.”

Interested in Mentoring? Contact Ms. Miriam,

at to complete a mentoring application.

Program Corner

Girl Power’s Summer STEAM Workforce Training Camp 2021

Central Site – Booker T. Washington High School

by Gabriella Cabrera, Summer Camp Director

Wow! In just a blink of an eye, summer camp is coming to an end. What a successful summer camp we’ve had! Our girls have learned new skills and participated in many activities with our partners Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Black Girl Magic, and the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami. They engaged in reflective writing, film screenings, identity-based interactive projects, and arts and crafts. Our girls were able to develop new abilities and become better versions of themselves. While COVID-19 continues to linger around, we were still able to pull through and have an awesome summer camp experience while staying safe.

Our summer camp experience included a range of field trips, including a visit to the Frost Science Museum to learn about the history of the Pterosaurs and touring the Everglades at Gator Park. Our girls were also physically active and focused on health and wellness with fun activities like SkyZone and Planet Air. It was a pleasure to watch our girls have fun with huge smiles on their faces, and this makes my work all worth it.

Our students are extremely excited about our End of the Summer Showcase. This will be their opportunity to showcase the work and activities that they've done during the summer, and they're looking forward to showcasing their summer projects and talents to their friends and families. As summer comes to an end, our participants are valuing the last few days spent with their counselors and new friends. This summer has been nothing short of greatness for our girls, and I cannot wait to see what the school year and next summer have in store for us!

Press Release

Girl Power Promotes, Ms. Miriam Martin, Sister Circle Mentoring Coordinator

Girl Power recently promoted Ms. Miriam Martin to the Coordinator of the Sister Circle Mentoring Program (SCM). Martin will oversee the development and implementation of the program, which matches adult volunteer mentors with a mentee for one-to-one mentoring and group activities. Martin’s experience includes classroom and program management and most of all her demonstrated passion and commitment to serving at-promise girls of color.

“Ms. Martin has been a staff member at Girl Power Rocks since 2019, and considering her dedication to Girl Power, we are excited to embark on this new journey with her,” says Thema Campbell, the Founder, and CEO of Girl Power. “She is a hard-working, diligent, and detail orientated Miami native who has infinite potential to make the Sister Circle Mentoring Program even more successful.”

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