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July 2020 PowerSource Newsletter

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

In this issue:

  • President's Message

  • Good News Stories

  • Funder Spotlight

  • Student Spotlight

  • Mentoring Corner

  • Summer Camp

President's Message

Committed to Fighting for Racial Equality

Young girls are constantly confronted with messages and images that suggest that their lives and the lives of people of color do not matter.  The images and messages are getting progressively worst as we witness an alarming increase in racism, brutality, and misogyny.  The brutal murder of Mr. George Floyd over two-weeks ago, is another painful reminder of the brutality and racism prevalent in our country perpetrated against black men and people of color by the system of law enforcement.

Mr. Floyd’s murder as sad as it was, has served as the catalyst to propel this country’s people, government, and law-enforcement systems to take long-overdue action against the racism that has existed in our country for over four hundred years.  Men and women of all colors and from every walk of like have locked arms and hearts in solidarity to ensure that what happened to Mr. Floyd will never happen again. 

Part of the challenges we face at Girl Power is committed to helping at-promise girls overcome the lingering and psychological effects of misogyny, racism, and brutality and to working collectively to help eradicate racism, sexism, classism and all the ism that murder, kill and destroy the lives, dreams, and hope of black and brown men, women and children.  Through it all Girl Power remains committed to our mission and standing in solidarity with people all over our nation through civil disobedience and peaceful protest demanding policy reforms, equal justice, and equality for all. 

We are reminded of these words written in a speech by Dr. King over fifty years ago but still hold true today, “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice” and “No lie can live forever because truth crushed to earth will rise again".

As we stand up against all forms of racism and brutality, let us not forget that COVID-19 is still very much a threat to our health and our lives and it’s not going away anytime soon.

We are grateful to you for your support and friendship during these troubling times.

Stay Safe,

Thema Campbell President/CEO

Good News Stories

Girl Power Hour

This past April, Girl Power launched live workshops via Instagram Live. Girl Power Hour is a series of girl-focused workshops of different topics tailored for elementary, middle, and high school girls. The participants have an opportunity to participate in the workshop with at-home supplies, interact with the host, and ask questions. Our very own Ms. Rashada and Ms. Yvonda along with multiple facilitators developed and hosted a series of workshops on different topics. Join us every Wednesday at 2:30 PM on our Instagram page at GirlPowerMiami. We look forward to seeing you!

Virtual Day Party

Girl Power took our Annual Day party Virtual!

 A pandemic could not stop us from partying with a purpose. With the sounds of DJ FlyGuy, Girl Power held a virtual Day Party for 2 hours on Saturday, May 23rd. The Girl Power Virtual Day Party attracted people from even outside of South Florida to party with us and we raised about 70% of what we would have raised for our Normal Day party. We grooved to some classic R&B and hip-hop with DJ Flyguy from the comforts of our homes, all while raising funds and awareness for Girl Power. The Day party was inspired by the many DJ sets that DJs around the country have been doing during this pandemic on Instagram Live. Our favorite DJ FlyGuy who has done our day parties the past 4 years has done many IG live DJ sets from the comfort of his home. The virtual day party was interactive with people posting comments, and later pics of themselves partying with the hashtag #GirlPowerDayparty2020 #PartywithaPurpose. It's amazing to see how creative we can all be during a time of crisis and still manage to have fun while raising funds for a worthy organization. For info and future parties follow us at @girlpowermiami on IG and FB and Follow DG Fly Guy @aflyguy on IG.

Computer Donations

Girl Power received two iMac Computers and two Dell Desktop Computers from EcoTech Visions and Team of Angels. With these donations, we were able to gift four families, with multiple school-age children, with devices for their home. We are extremely grateful for partners like EcoTech and Team of Angels. They help us continue our mission of “Improving Our World One Girl at a Time.”

Funder's Spotlight

A huge thank you to the partnership between The Key Biscayne Community Foundation, Wellness in the Schools, Chief Press Foundation, Himan Brown Charitable Trust, World Central Kitchen, Repair the World, and Miami Dade College Carrie Meeks Campus. These amazing organizations came together to provide fresh, cooked meals to 50 of our families in Liberty City three times a week for two months.

Student Spotlight

Honor Roll

Congratulations to all of our students who made the Honor Roll during the last grading period of the school year despite being remote due to COVID-19! We are extremely proud of each of you for overcoming the unexpected circumstances and excelling academically. YOU ROCK!

Paris Cowert

Selena Perez

Nia Martin

Dakerria Richardson

Jessica Davidson

Anyya Alexander

Jahnya Smith

Mentoring Corner

Sister Circle Mentoring celebrated the birthday of mentee Anane, social distancing style. She was presented with a birthday gift and balloons.

Sister Circle Mentoring program started Virtual Mentoring this month using Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. The goal is to have a friendly face to face interaction with the mentee, to confirm both of their identities and to observe both of their facial expressions, tone, etc. Mentors are encouraged to contact their mentees twice a month for a minimum of 15 minutes each session. During their mentoring engagement, the mentor inquires about the physical and emotional status of their mentees, their adjustments, feelings to the changes and new normal, and the positive and negative of virtual mentoring versus in-person mentoring. The mentors also share some of the ways they're spending their time with family as encouragement to the mentee and their family. We are continuing to brainstorm and engage in activities to help EVERYONE stay connected despite being separated!

Girls Intervention Program

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