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Improving Our World,
One Girl At a Time

Girl Power Rocks is committed to empowering girls and their families to thrive, safeguarding and rejuvenating the family unit. Our mission is to foster resilience, nurture potential, and build strong, supportive communities where every girl can succeed and lead.

Celebrating Over 20 Years of Empowering Girls

Welcome to Girl Power Rocks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering at-promised girls aged 11 to 17. As a 501(c)(3) entity, we focus on prevention and intervention strategies that foster positive behaviors, enhance social skills, and boost academic success. Founded in 2000, our mission is to inspire confidence, competence, and pride in young women.

At Girl Power Rocks, we offer a range of programs and workshops designed to educate and empower. Our resources tackle critical issues such as substance abuse, low self-esteem, and educational challenges, equipping girls with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.


Join us in our journey to transform lives and build a brighter future for every girl we reach.


It fills me with immense pride to lead an organization that has profoundly impacted the lives of countless at-promised girls and their families. At Girl Power Rocks, my foremost commitment is to protect, nurture, and uphold the integrity and moral consciousness of the future women leaders, caregivers, and educators in our society.

Too many girls arrive at our doorstep feeling broken, misguided, and neglected. Girl Power Rocks stands as a beacon of hope, offering a sanctuary where they receive unwavering support, guidance, counseling, and unconditional love—always with a ready listening ear. This work has been my deepest joy and proudest achievement.

With the steadfast support of our funders, partners, and the extended Girl Power Rocks' community, we are dedicated to continuing our mission for many more years. Together, we are making a difference—


Improving Our World, One Girl At a Time.

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Thema Campbell
Founder/President & CEO


Our Vision

We offer a nurturing environment where girls and their families are empowered to make positive contributions to society. 
We value our 
diversity by respecting each person’s opinions, ideas and self-expressions.  

We strive for 
excellence by providing our students and families with the best possible programs and services. 

We maintain our 
integrity by honoring our commitments, being responsible stewards of our resources and holding ourselves as well as each other accountable.

 We genuinely care about building meaningful partnerships to develop and promote a more beautiful and prosperous community. 

Pink Powder

Our Girls Empowerment Programs

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Our after school program fosters academic and personal achievement in young girls.

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Girls develop leadership and self-esteem through professional-quality choir practice. 

girl power sister circle mentor.jpg

Female role models help to guide young girls on anything from school, relationships, to career choices.

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Together, We Achieve More:
A Special Thanks to Our Sponsorship Heroes

We have had continued success with our life skills programming by using One Circle Foundation's Girl Circle Curriculum. This curriculum has a unique theme and is loaded with weeks of skill-building activities and discussions that build on protective factors and improves relationships in a format that interests  and engage girls.

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"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me;

I am a free human being with an independent will."
- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre
Empower Girls

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