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When We Invest in Girls, We All Win

Why Invest in Girls?

At Girl Power, we provide many ways to help girls realize their full value and gain the confidence they need to achieve success in life. 


According to a study from the National Report on the State of Self-Esteem, 7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with family and friends. 


There’s a high cost to low self-esteem. Over the past 20 years, Girl Power has witnessed the following effects that low self-esteem can have on at-promise girls.

  • Little or no ambition

  • Early engagement in promiscuous behavior

  • Making choices that adversely affect their positive growth and development

  • Low attachment to education achievement

  • Being bullied or bullying people

  • Self harm

  • Substance abuse

Programs like the Girls Rock After School Program, Girls’ Choir of Miami and Sister Circle Mentoring empower girls to follow their dreams. When a girl believes in herself, nothing can stop her.

Advance Academic Achievement

Girl Power believes every girl should have access to a quality education, a safe and supportive system that puts them on a pathway to a brighter future.


Girl Power’s academic components serve as a liaison between girls and the schools they attend, which according to research from The Delores Weaver Center is linked to “positive self-esteem, sense of purpose and buffers against psychological distress, substance abuse, delinquency and school drop out.”


Our programs and services include social and emotional learning, academic support during and after school, health and wellness, mental health services, summer STEAM camp, college and heritage tours and so much more.

When you invest in girls' education, they have the skills to make choices over their own future and can lift themselves, their community and country out of poverty.

Support Trauma Informed Programs

Numerous studies over the years have highlighted the risks for girls who have been over-exposed to trauma. This trauma can lead to risky behavior, school failure and poor life choices which leads to a pathway into the juvenile justice system.


Approximately 85% of the girls we serve have experienced some of life’s harshest adversities including abuse, abandonment, neglect and trafficking.

Girl Power provides safe spaces and prevention and intervention programs, utilizing evidence based curriculums and best practices that support girls who have suffered through trauma. Through our partnerships with Jewish Community Services of South Florida and Agape Network, girls and their families receive trauma informed services. These services are essential to the population we serve who are struggling to overcome the negative effects of trauma.

The School to Prison Pipeline

Increasingly, girls are making up a larger proportion of young people who enter the juvenile justice system. While previous research on juvenile delinquency prevention tends to be focused on boys, girls who have had run-ins with the law have a different profile from their male counterparts. Girls at risk of ju­venile delinquency are more often detained for nonviolent offenses, such as truancy or violating probation, and often have a history of physical or sexual abuse. 


Run-ins with the law damage girls’ relationships with family and friends, negatively impacts mental health, and interrupts academic progress that leads to The School to Prison Pipeline.

At Girl Power, we offer gender-responsive prevention and intervention programs to support at-promise girls who are at risk of entering the juvenile justice system. Our programs are facilitated by trained staffers who provide a nurturing and safe environment to help girls overcome risky behavior, make good choices and prioritize education. These strategies can help change the trajectory of a girl’s life and put her on a pathway to success.

Girl Power

Girl Power is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit prevention and intervention social change program that promotes positive behavior, enhances social skills and improves academic performance in at-promise girls ages 11 - 17.


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