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Marketing Representative

Marketing Representative (part-time)

Girl Power, a leading gender specific non-profit organization in Miami-Dade County is in search of a dynamitic, socially conscience professional to manage the agency’s online presence, mobilize supporters, optimize fundraising efforts and provide overall support to our team by assisting with projects and activities for marketing purposes.

The agency has a proud tradition of delivering evidenced based programs and services that benefit at-promise girls ages seven to seventeen and their families throughout Miami Dade

County. The goal is to engage solutions that enable optimized marketing and fundraising that saves time and allow concentration on program fidelity and delivery, operations and increased outcomes that enable the agency to:

❖ Increase and diversify revenue: face challenges with resilience and sustainability
❖ Work more effectively to break down silos within the organization
❖ Grow and mobilize our audience to advance support for at-promise girls and their families

❖ Drive change by influencing policy, growing awareness, or promoting action
❖ Build credibility and trust with key stakeholders though transparent reporting and effective processes

❖ Increase our impact with by producing effective programs and outcomes
❖ Galvanize support to influence policy and opinion
❖ Amplify our voice to influence decision makers who matter most
❖ Build effective, cross-channel campaigns that win
❖ Convert advocates into sustained donors

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Writes, proofreads, and edits impactful copy that communicates the agency’s brand, vision, events, and various programs to the public and/or donors through various touchpoints including company website, blog, social media, e-mail, collateral, packaging and advertisements.

• Complies with brand guidelines to present a consistent appearance and style for all marketing communications.

• Post a minimum of two or more social media posts per week including design and copy

• Recommend additional platforms for positing that will increase agency’s web presence and donations.

• Lead social media strategy and development for all channels. Monitors social media accounts daily- replying to comments, liking other posts, adding comments to other posts, asking questions, interacting with influencers, and researching emerging content trends and hashtags.

• Prepare and design content for promotional materials including newsletter, flyers, poster, sponsorship packages and souvenirs to include photos, videos, and graphics.

• Manages and maintains search engine optimization (SEO); search engine marketing
(SEM), Display, Video and Fundraising campaigns.

• Compose and post Press Releases.

• Add website content and make updates.

• Collaborate with team mates to optimize marketing optimizations to emails, blogs, events and social channels as needed.

• Manage Google Ads.

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Girl Power Rocks, Inc.


Marketing Representative (part-time)

Other Services

• Monitoring weekly/daily report, dashboard, analytics, and tracking in Google.

• Set-up tracking and analytics using Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

• Attend weekly staff meetings and present weekly marketing reports.

• Additional duties as assigned.


• Three-years of proven working experience in digital marketing.

• Experience with Email/SMS Marketing, Google AdWords, Adobe and Pay Per Click
Marketing (PPC) just to name a few.

• Proficient in copywriting and copy editing.

• Knowledge of web analytics.

• Project management experience preferred.

• Strong analytical skills and detail oriented.


• Permanent part-time position.

• $30 - $34 per hour.

• 25 hours per week.

• Flexible working schedule including work from home options.

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Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $30.00 - $34.00 per hour

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