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The aging out crisis

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

There are a lot of children who have been in foster care for almost their entire childhood and that’s all they know. But there’s a rule under which the foster care kids age out of the system, the moment they turn 18, and then they have to leave their foster homes and survive on their own.

Even sadder is that nearly half of the foster kids that age out end up homeless, incarcerated, unemployed, sexually exploited, or worse. These young adults, especially girls, feel stuck and even depressed. They’re still in high school and they have no idea how to tackle life. What should I do? Where should I go? They don’t have any support or guidance, but do have a risk of being exploited. They have been in the system their entire lives and have been shuffled from home to home, making them emotionally unstable and insecure.

But at Girl Power, these aged-out young girls find their voice and learn that they actually matter. Girl Power helps build their confidence, provides them with a healthy environment, develops their life skills, and also helps them enroll in colleges after they graduate from high school.

And one day very soon, every girl who ages out of foster care will have a loving and nurturing place to live, learn, and grow once Girl Power’s Mama Hattie’s House is built. It will be a 24/7 safe haven for girls transitioning from traumatic experiences, including girls aging out of foster care or who need a safe place to call home.

Help Girl Power advocate for girls transitioning from foster care by supporting the capital campaign for Mama Hattie’s House.

Girl Power is bringing a change, you can too.

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