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Overcoming trauma

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Every day we see a lot of women around us living normal, healthy, and successful lives with seemingly happy lives, but everyone has a story. And some women have experienced some form of trauma or abuse in their lives.

Often girls are sexually abused for years as teenagers and that impacts their emotional and psychological states creating a cycle of abuse as young adults and into adulthood. Thanks to guided therapies and healing through the years, they are able to live a healthy and stable life.

So many women around us may not look like they’re abused and hurt that they’ve experienced, but they overcame it. And there're so many more at-promise girls who could also overcome their abuse if only they could get the healing and protection that it takes.

And that’s why Girl Power exists. Because there are countless girls with different stories whose lives have been transformed from the work that Girl Power does.

And once we’ve successfully raised $20 million to build Mama Hattie’s House, young girls who have been in foster care, abused, or abandoned will have a 24/7 safe haven that they can call home.

Help Girl Power build Mama Hattie’s House by contributing at

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