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July 2021 Donor Spotlight

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Ms. Lona

Ms. Lona

This month we would like to pay tribute to a "Legacy Donor". For years, many of you may have made or received a phone call from Girl Power and were greeted on the other end by Ms. Lona Fountain. Ms. Lona crossed paths with Girl Power as a volunteer through a community partnership with AARP. For several years, Ms. Lona volunteered her time to our agency as a receptionist. Although Ms. Lona was placed at our agency to answer phones, she answered the call of duty in so many other ways. Ms. Lona always had words of wisdom, jokes to share, an infectious smile, and was dedicated to assisting us with any and every fundraising effort in any capacity that she could. Although Ms. Lona officially retired; she continued her efforts with assisting Girl Power.

Unfortunately, this month, Ms. Lona succumbed to COVID-19 and is no longer with us here in the flesh. However, we know that her spirit will continue to live on. Her children have also continued her legacy by continuing fundraising efforts on behalf of Ms. Lona. Ms. Lona was a lady of class and elegance that loved to cook, party, and visit her homeland of Nassau, Bahamas. She even published a book title, "Once Upon Our Time – Words of Wisdom." Here is to a full life lived of love, charity, and having a good time.

Ms. Lona, You Rock!!!

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