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Girls need help and support, not judgment and punishment

Some teenage girls are often labeled as “fast” or problem child, especially those who may seem to have a little sass and a smart mouth, and maybe who get into trouble in school more frequently than others. When people see them, they have preconceived notions just because the so-called fast girls have gotten into fights or because they’re from the inner city.

But little do people know that these girls have suffered through struggles their entire life. They are often bounced from one foster home to another from a very young age, largely impacting their social behavior and decision-making capabilities. They also have tendencies to run away from foster care which opens the tunnel into falling prey for various crimes such as substance abuse and sex trafficking. Predators hunt these girls, because they’re the easiest to persuade. Emotionally insecure and financially dependent, they easily get trapped in the wrongdoings.

These girls need help and support, not judgment and punishment. So the next time you meet a girl who may appear to have behavioral issues, the truth is that she may have a story much deeper than you can ever imagine. And that’s why Girl Power exists — to help break the cycle of abuse, trauma, and victimization for girls. Girl Power helps these girls through counseling and providing successful women mentors to start new lives.

Girl Power is bringing a change, you can too.

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