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Fidelity and Quality Assurance Manager


The Fidelity and Quality Assurance Manager works with Girl Power’s leadership team, staff, and funders
to ensure compliance in all areas of the agency including direct service deliveries, fiscal, contractual and programmatic requirements. 


1.    Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in social work, education, or a related
field or a minimum of four-years’ experience working in nonprofit or community-based organizations with oversight and outcome measurements.
2. Proven experience working with data systems and evidence-based practices.
3. Good oral and written communication and organizational skills with attention to details.
4. Skilled problem solver.
5. Two or more years of experience supervising, training, and coaching multiple employees.
6. Interpersonal skills that enhance the ability to connect and build relationships with staff and
community partners.
7. Reliable transportation.


Programmatic Compliance

1.    Monitor program compliance including curriculum delivery, intakes, student files, survey
implementation and collections, and documentation requirements in accordance with
2. Provide corrective measures when deficiencies are identified.
3. Monitor and ensure program’s fidelity and compliance adheres to contractual scope
of services.
4. Prepare for and participate in internal and external monitoring visits by funders.
5. Provide on-going training and coaching to all staff to ensure programmatic and other agency
goals and outcomes are achieved.
6. Stay updated on quality assessment and outcome measurement efforts at the local, state, and
national level.
7. Promote the agency’s mission and core values to all student, staff, and stakeholders.

Fiscal Compliance

  1. Responsible for oversight of all data entered into the agency’s Apricot database system.

  2. Monitor compliance of the agency’s fiscal documents including but not limited to timesheets

  3. and staff reimbursements,

  4. Provide corrective measures when deficiencies are identified.

  5. Monitor and ensure fiscal compliance and fidelity adheres to contractual agreements.

Experience, Skills, Knowledge, and Qualifications

  1. Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to and passion for improving the lives of at-promise girls.

  2. Ability to recognize potential issues and apply established Girl Power procedures and problem-  solving methods as needed.

  3. Participate in all required staffing and meetings.

  4. In alignment with Girl Power’s mission, core values, and culture.


Competitive salary and benefits package
Working Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
Some evenings and weekends are required.
Only qualified applicants will be considered.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit a resume and cover letter


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