Girls Intervention Program

The Girls Intervention Program (GIP) is a 12-week program catered to at-promise girls ages 13 to 17 who are first time offenders or are experiencing behavioral and academic challenges.. GIP is designed to reroute young girls away from the juvenile justice system, and get them on the right track towards social, emotional, and academic growth. We do this through evidenced-based, trauma-informed programs and services that teach girls valuable lessons and equip them with the proper tools to succeed in life.

Program Services

The goal of GIP is to transform the life vision of girls who have become involved or display indicators of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system and other harmful behaviors. We facilitate research-based activities that target different aspects of a young girls life and the lives of their families . The program was created after the organizations’ leadership explored the issue of girls entering the juvenile justice system.  They were alarmed by the high and increasing rate of girls that were entering the system especially, girls of color who made up the largest population of the demographic. GIP teaches girls life skills, so they are then able to overcome challenges and lead a successful life.  


Daily services include research-based modularized structured learning groups, substance abuse & violence prevention activities, educational and vocational support, peer mentoring, life skills training, case management, assistance with community service hours, and – for those who need it – mental health and substance abuse counseling. The program supports girls by addressing their emotional wellness and teaching them anger management and conflict resolution skills. Through a partnership with Agape Network and Jewish Community Services of South Florida, girls participate in trauma-informed individual and family therapy. We help build up their character by teaching them pro-social life skills and leadership development that will ensure lifelong success.


In order to ensure that the girls are making progress through the Girls Intervention Program, we monitor their academic reports including school attendance, grades and behavior providing progress updates to their family. We also offer tutoring services to give students the necessary push to achieve their academic goals.


Girls are graduated from the program after 12 weeks or after making significant progress int heir academics, behavior and emotional well-being. Following program completion, girls will be strongly encouraged to take part in Girl Power's year-round Sister Circle Mentoring Program as well, to sustain their positive progress.

Benefits of the Program

Girl Power’s Girls Intervention Program is proven to make an impact in girls’ lives because we teach them how to resolve conflict and work past hurdles in their life. 84% of program participants improve their conflict resolution skills, school engagement, and decrease problem behavior in school and their community. Since 2008 GIP has served over 400 girls with outstanding results. Documented outcomes over the years exhibit the following:

  • 98% of girls who started the program completed it;

  • 99% of girls that completed the program improved their attitudes toward criminal behavior;

  • 100% of girls enrolled were not re-arrested during the program year;

  • 85% of girls that completed the program improved their academic skill;


The girls are able to make these changes because we show them healthier ways to deal with their emotions. Girls’ futures are made much brighter through this program because they can see that they are supported, cared for, and are capable of reaching their goals. 


Approximately 100% of girls who participate in GIP remain arrest-free, and suspensions decreased significantly. This is a testament to how effective our programs are. We continue to work with girls because we know their potential, value and we cherish their thoughts and feelings.

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