It takes a village

Our village rocks and we're not afraid to say it! We believe that a healthy combination of dedicated parents, devoted volunteers and passionate staff we can make a positive influence in the lives of young girls we serve. We make sure that our programs are equip with culturally competent instructors, activities and curriculums to ensure that the girls are given the opportunity to not only deepen their understanding on things that interest them but also expose them to skill and character building activities that will stay with them for life!

After-School Program  |  Post Arrest Diversion Program  |  Sister Circle Mentor Program 



Mentoring is a structured, consistent and purposeful relationship between a young person and a caring adult who provides acceptance, support, encouragement, guidance and concrete assistance to promote health youth development and student success. Join the Sister Circle Mentoring Program and learn how you can touch the life of a young girl in our community.



The Sister Circle Mentoring program provides opportunities for girls and their families to become empowered by developing healthy and nourishing relationships with a positive female mentor. Girls spend a minimum of four hours per month with a mentor who will provide her with additional support, council, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example.



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