When:  Monday-Thursday, 3:50 pm to 6:30 pm

Where:  Olinda Elementary, Georgia Jones Ayers, Richmond Heights and Brownsville Middle Schools

Who:  Young ladies (ages 9-15) who want to actively develop relationships within their communities through service, health and education.

Why:  The Girls Rock After School Program allows young girls to develop into their full potential as leaders in their community by coming together to fully understand healthy decision making, behavior management, conflict resolution, relationship building, and effective communication skills. Through these life skills girls in the program should begin to embody female empowerment for themselves and those around them.

Girls Rock After School Program  empowers young girls and their families to succeed through providing knowledge, encouraging healthy bonds and providing exposure to new activities and ideas; we believe young girls will succeed and rise above any limitations.

Girls Rock After School Program is a 2 hour program providing a balance between life skills, self-expression, relationship building, conflict resolution, healthy decision making, goal setting and academic support. Young girls in elementary and middle school will be able to enjoy interactive tutoring for all subjects. We believe academic success is essential to the development of young girls. Girl Power also understands that this age group experiences a lot of distractions and limitations that need acknowledgment and support of learning and practicing healthy coping skills to reach their full potential.

Girls have the opportunity to participate in activities and field trips that will promote physical and mental independence for healthy living.

It is known that 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with friends and family members. It is because of this that Girl Power is actively working to reduce low self-esteem and the difficulty in coping with mental illnesses among young girls.


After School Program Activities Include:


Dance, Yoga and Fitness

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)


Community Service Learning Projects

Individual & Group Counseling

Theater/Drama Performances

Etiquette Workshops

Individual & Group Literacy

Reading, Math & Science Tutoring

Parent Support Group Meetings

Field Trips, College & Heritage Tour